Admissions Consultation

Post-16 Admissions Consultation

Dear Parent/Carer

In response to the significant changes to GCSE and A Level courses and the move to Linear Examinations in both, we have revised, in consultation with the Local Authority, our admissions arrangements for our Sixth Form. We do not have a separate vocational pathway. Vocational courses are included in our overall level 3 provision. We have not reduced the number or range of courses on offer and now offer a one year level 2 bridging course.

We are now consulting with you to canvas your views on these changes with respect to our Sixth Form entry in September 2019. This six week consultation will close on Tuesday 2 January, immediately prior to the start of next term.

There are no changes to the admissions arrangements for year 7 students.

Previous Post-16 Arrangements

i)             General Entry Requirements

A minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above.  

Students choose one of three entry routes into Sixth Form study:

Academic Pathway: Students who achieve a minimum of 6 GCSEs at Grade 6, including English and Maths at Grade 5, can choose from the full range of A Levels on offer. 

Vocational Pathway: Students who achieve a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 will be able to access a range of more vocational courses. 

Mixed Pathway: Some students may work to pursue a mixture of A Levels and vocational subjects and they will be given an individual offer between the two extremes outlined above. 

The above are general entry requirements for a Sixth Form course.  Some subjects/ courses will require more specific qualifications to have been achieved in order to study that subject/course

Points ii), iii) and iv) remain unchanged.

New Post-16 Arrangements

i)             General Entry Requirements

Level 3 Courses – A Level and BTEC Courses

Students will select three subjects that they will study over a two-year linear course with all formal examinations taken at the end of Year 13.  We have generic minimum entry requirements that all students must meet, and additional requirements for each individual subject they wish to study. Entry Requirements:

·         Meet the entry requirements for each of three chosen subjects

·         Gain at least a grade 4 in 2 or more other subjects (including Maths or English Language)

·         Show excellent motivation and attitude. 

Subject Specific Requirements are listed in the Sixth Form Prospectus.

Students not achieving a level four in English and Maths will be entered for the qualification as part of their Sixth Form curriculum.

Level 2 Course – Bridging Course

In order to support students who wish to study at A level but do not quite meet the entry requirements we will offer a level 2 one year bridging course. This will consist of four level 2 courses completed within one year, including resit English and/or Maths where appropriate.

Successful completion of this course will enable students to proceed to commence level 3 courses the following year.

Entry Requirements:

·         Gain at least a grade 4 in 2 or more subjects.

·         Show excellent motivation and attitude.

Points ii), iii) and iv) remain unchanged.

If you have any comments in regard to these proposed changes for 2019, please contact Amanda Parsons, Clerk to the Governing Body - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..