The ContinU Trust

Partnership in continuous learning

The ContinU Trust is the Consortium of the Wyre Forest and Hagley areas. It is an established and committed collaboration of seven Worcestershire High Schools, two special schools, Kidderminster College of Further Education, Connexions, the Local Authority, the LSC and Private Work Based Training Providers.

Our Mission

Increased participation - greater local retention - higher standards

ContinU will, through collective responsibility, provide a rich, varied and high quality learning entitlement and experience for all young people in all our institutions and by doing so we will engage more learners and increase their successes. We know we can do more for all our learners together than we ever could alone.

Our Vision

The ContinU Trust exists to improve the educational and training outcomes of all young people in the Trust area. We will do this by creating a unique national blueprint for collaboration built on common “Partner Principles”, local accountability and challenge and a conviction that more can be accomplished together than in isolation. We will transform both learning across our institutions and the landscape of our communities by:

Using ICT, cutting edge pedagogy and 21st Century design to add new dimensions as to how, when and where people learn.
Fulfilling a complete local Entitlement for all learners across all 4 DCSF Learning pathways including Diplomas and the Foundation Learning Tier.
Re-connecting the broken links in low aspirational communities between education, training and personal advancement.
Developing new collaborative infrastructure through the Trust including collective curriculum planning, targeted resource management and procurement and shared data and management systems.
Intervening directly in supporting economic regeneration and local business enterprise within the school environment.
Engaging systematically and with key local services across the Trust to support wider access for local communities in school settings.
Creating a synergistic network of Learning Villages built on the diversity and strengths of all Trust members.

The ContinU Trust will remain inclusive and welcome new partner engagement in realising this vision.

ContinU Trust