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We are well into GCSE and A Level exams and the inevitable hot weather that accompanies them, with students revising in a focussed and thoughtful way to achieve the best possible outcomes. As a school we have worked hard to construct a comprehensive programme of support for students to ensure the best possible exam preparation. Those of us who have been senior leaders in other schools have been surprised at the small but significant number of parents who have not been supportive of these arrangements, and I make a personal appeal for the support of all parents in the future. I have spent 17 years in school leadership roles and have a number of similarly experienced colleagues, and we all have a rich range of experience in supporting students to get the best possible results that they are capable of in their GCSE exams. As such, any programmes of support we introduce are carefully thought through and balance the need for support for those engaged in exams against the needs of the rest of the school. I thank all parents for their support in ensuring that the great school we all know this to be, is reflected in the quality of the student’s examination results.


On a separate note I am sorry to inform you that with deep regret I am having to close down our Parents’ Association and cancel all future meetings. I have held 10 meetings since starting in the school, 3 of which having only 1 or 2 attendees. Of the last 3 meetings the first had only 2 attendees, I cancelled the second to give time to take a different approach and offer parents practical involvement in improving the school, but sadly had only 2 attendees for that final meeting in May. I would like to thank all parents who have attended the meetings for your support for the school, which truly has been appreciated. I will introduce a monthly ‘clinic’ next school year during the school day, where parents who have more general issues that they would like to discuss about the school (rather than those specific to their children) can make an appointment to see me. Further details of this will follow.

I am however extremely keen to engage as proactively as possible with the Bewdley Community. Many years and jobs ago I worked in Llanidloes as Assistant Head Teacher and one of my roles was Education Business Co-ordinator. This involved co-ordinating work with local businesses through our regular Education Business Partnership (EBP) meetings, at which a number of local businesses were represented and made substantial contributions to the curriculum and careers/work-related education at the school. This was an excellent forum for organising events and keeping business leaders up to date with changes to the qualifications framework. Sadly, EBPs went out of fashion and most schools stopped running them. I shall be seeking to start up a Bewdley Education Business Partnership and will be in contact with local businesses in the near future, through our membership of Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce. Interested local businesses may also contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The summer term is a time for School improvement Planning for the coming year in schools. I have in the past worked with an organisation called Schools of Tomorrow - http://www.schoolsoftomorrow.org/ , and found the priorities in their four quadrant framework extremely helpful in shaping school improvement:


Schools of Tomorrow (SoTo) Four Quadrant Framework















As such, The Bewdley School is now a Fellowship Member of Schools of Tomorrow, and more information will follow during the year. A large part of the leadership development is based around peer evaluation with another school. The evaluation is carried out by a representative stakeholder group which includes a lead teacher, student, parent, governor and community member from the partner school, the two stakeholder groups carrying out collaborative evaluation of each other’s schools.

On a final note, rather than a Summer Show or Fayre this year we will be having an Open Week with a range of events on the week commencing Monday 9 July. Further details will follow.

Enjoy the lovely weather, a rarity in England, and I will write again in July to round off the year.



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