Jun 7

Sea Cadets

As a child growing up in Mid Wales in the 1970s there was very little to do. Three channels on the television and most of the technology we now rely on not invented, we had to derive our pleasure from genuine social interaction. Conversations and doing things. In order to broaden my experiences, at the age of thirteen I joined the Air Training Corps, now more commonly known as Air Cadets. I went to summer camps, learned drill and how to shoot, represented Wales (No. 2 Welsh Wing) at athletics at RAF Cosford and had many fantastic opportunities. I flew light aircraft and...

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May 22

What's the point?

As we approach another general election there will at some points be discussions about education. Virtually every political discussion during my time in teaching, over the last twenty-five years, has focussed on one of three things. Examinations, selection and mostly funding. Every time there is a publication of PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tables the country is thrown into a panic in relation to the relative position of our fifteen year-olds in comparison to other countries over a range of arbitrary tests. These tests are not designed for our young...

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May 16

Exam Fever?

As our Year 11, 12 and 13 students enter the exam season it is worth reflecting on what they are facing. There have been so many changes to our exam systems that it is helpful to explain, for the sake of those of us who went through different systems what these changes have been. In the 1950s to 1970s secondary students sat O’ levels or CSEs and A levels if they advanced to the Sixth Form. These were all two year courses assessed by an exam at the end. In general, boys outperformed girls as this system favoured their poorer ability to perform consistently over time but greater...

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May 7

International Education

Parents’ Association Meeting in School - Wednesday 10th May - 6.00 - 7.30pm


1. New parental contact system

2. Bewdley Youth Forum follow up - Young Mayor

3. School Name Survey

4. Changes in Leadership/Staff

5. Sea Cadets?

6. Any other business

I hope everyone had a restful Easter and that those students studying for exams were able to strike a healthy balance between revision and relaxation. Living in a household with a Year 11 student I know the pressures only too well. Before I get into the ‘meat’ of this week’s blog, just a mention of some of the ideas in my...

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Apr 3

Your Opinion is Needed!

In this final blog of the term I would like to ask your views on a few issues and will link to a questionnaire to help us with this. To begin, perhaps the biggest issue, the name of the school. Names are important. Reputation hangs on a name and vice versa. If someone asks you the name of a school with an international reputation for excellence, what would you say? Harrow School or Eton College perhaps? Maybe Gordonstoun? It will probably be something short and simple, which speaks for itself.

Hence my suggestion last week of ‘The Bewdley School'. We then need to think about...

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