Maths - Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a series of exam questions put together by JustMaths. Each week there will be another paper and the accompanying mark scheme and Examiner's report so that you can work with your son/daughter on these important crossover topics - these are the ones that are at Grades 4 and 5 (old Grade B and C) and therefore appear on both the Foundation and Higher papers.  Teaching tutorials for each question are clearly identified on the front cover of the paper for extra confidence building or memory jogging...and there is no expectation that these papers will be brought into school for marking or recording.

Those Year 11 students who did complete these last year found that they really helped them to understand these important topics - whether it was as the extension material for Foundation Tier or as consolidation of basic skills for those entered for the Higher Tier papers.

A Grade 4 is known as a Standard Pass and a Grade 5 is known as a Good Pass - then more practice your son/daughter does, the better their chances of getting a Good Pass.

Mrs Wilmot