What does the school offer?

Over 120 students had music lessons at The Bewdley School last year, developing instrument specific skills as well as a range of life long transferrable skills. Lessons are available for the following instruments:

Cello, clarinet, cornet, drums, guitar, bass guitar, flute, keyboard, piano, saxophone, trumpet, ukulele, violin, voice. Others are available upon request.

Experienced and qualified staff deliver all our lessons from Severn Arts (formerly known as Worcestershire Youth Music). We have 35 lessons during the course of the year, which are available in a variety of formats to suit all levels and needs. Students are welcome to make use of instruments at school, however should parents or carers wish to hire instruments this can be done either privately or through Severn Arts. Please see the Severn Arts web site for further details or contact our Head of Music, Mrs. H Blythe, directly (HBL@bewdley.worcs.sch.uk)

All lessons take place during the normal school day and are rotated on timetables to ensure that students do not miss the same lesson time on successive weeks. Some specific timetabling may be possible should you require this. Please contact Mrs. H Blythe directly.

How to book lessons

Lessons can be booked by filling in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/lEeqT90m1MmzKlia2

For information about Payment and Cancellation: Click Here