At Bewdley, we believe that the purpose of education is to create not just a readiness, but an eagerness to thrive in the adult world. Whilst grades are important, it is skills learnt through tireless effort, willingness to learn and serving and leading others with humility, which will carry our students into their adult life.

Head’s Welcome

Our focus is on four key areas:

Scholarship – building curiosity, confidence and independent learning habits

Through challenging and supportive teaching, our students are stimulated and enthused to want to learn for the joy of new knowledge and skills. Though they see the utility of what they learn, they also see deeper rewards and develop a hunger for lifelong learning.

Character – developing skills and maturing personality to have a positive influence on the world

Individual growth is fundamental to education, its nature being shaped by the values of the school. Ready for life’s challenges with compassion and consideration for others, our students develop courage, resilience and humility through strong and lasting friendships.

Opportunity – ensuring a diverse range of opportunities, to speak to every child’s passions

Our well-rounded curriculum is elevated on a broad and rich platform of opportunity, through extensive partnership programmes and clubs. Overseas visits expand our students’ horizons whilst university projects and outdoor expeditions stretch and challenge their thinking.

Partnership – working as a team with our community, building social skilled young people

Community action takes our students into the heart of Bewdley, enriched and supported by local business and commerce. Our students are internationally aware and take opportunities to work with students from across the globe.

Dave Hadley-Pryce read Theoretical Physics at the University of Kent, completing a PGCE at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Worcester. He has held several leadership roles in Mid Wales and the West Midlands, becoming Head of Sixth Form in Llanidloes in 2001. In 2006 he returned to the West Midlands first as Deputy then as Head Teacher in 2008, in a series of challenging schools. He arrived as Head Teacher at Bewdley in January 2017.

He served in the Combined Cadet Force as Head Teacher of two schools, holding the rank of Squadron Leader from 2009 to 2016. He has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts since 2013. His wife, Kerry, is a writer and they have five children.

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