An inclusive philosophy simply means that all students are offered the individual support they need to access the curriculum and to thrive in their learning. Curriculum support covers a broad spectrum of need, and to start listing specific challenges will unintentionally appear to exclude others. The school has a highly skilled inclusion team and a fully accessible site. Provided that a young person has the cognitive capacity to engage with the secondary school curriculum, we will work with Worcestershire County Council’s specialist teams to ensure that support measures are organised to enable curriculum access.

For young people facing high levels of challenge in their learning based on complex needs, the Department for Education has replaced the ‘Statement of Special Educational Need’ with the ‘Education Health Care Plans (EHCP)’. For parents and carers who are concerned that their child may need additional support beyond what is usually available in school, there is more information available here. Whilst the processes connected to this are managed by council staff, this is done in collaboration with the school. Our key officers who can help and support with this are:

Jon Hickman – Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)


Peter Willis – Assistant Head Teacher


Mr Hickman manages all support provision to meet individual need, including for children with disabilities, specific learning difficulties and more able children. It is important to emphasize that an inclusive philosophy simply recognises that individual difference is an underlying characteristic of any population. A truly inclusive education provision recognises all of these differences and modifies the curriculum experience for all students as needed, to ensure that they are able both to access and enjoy the curriculum and flourish in their learning.

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