Christmas… Christmas is a time that most people associate with happiness, celebration and family. But this is not the case for everyone, this year at school we are supporting those in our community that are less fortunate. We have asked our students ‘have you ever thought how much Christmas really costs?’ An average Christmas food shop for a family of four is £70… That is before you even think of the cost of gifts!

Last year 1.3 million people accessed a three-day emergency supply of food from a Food Banks, and of those 120,000 were from the West Midlands. So this year students in their Tutor Groups are being asked to donate food, supplies and festive items that will be donated to our local Food Bank.

Each Tutor Group is a member of one of our schools three houses Baldwin, Ribbesford and Severn and this charity event marks the first of what we hope is many house competitions. The House that donates the most items will be rewarded for their charitable contributions, which will make a huge difference to people in our local community.

Donations can be made to school from now until the 17 December, when a group of students will deliver our gift to the local Food Bank. If parents or anyone in our local community also wishes to make a contribution, please bring them to our School Office where we will be more than happy to add them to our delivery.

Let’s try and make Christmas a time to celebrate and be happy for all in our local community.