Yesterday a group of Year 12 and Year 8 students attended a filming workshop at school, led by a team of creative filmmakers from DRPG , the Worcestershire-based Creative Communications Agency. During the workshop the students discovered how to plan a documentary film and the importance of creating perfect lighting techniques. They also learnt how to capture creative camera shots, in order to make a series of films based on the theme of Global Happiness. The completed films will be premiered at the British Council Connecting Classrooms Conference that will be held at the School, later this year.

DRPG Staff said ‘These students are all budding young filmmakers with a fantastic eye for a shot and demonstrating truly creative flair. They have all been so receptive to the workshops and the whole experience has been very rewarding. It’s great that DRPG allows me to get involved in the local community in this way and I can’t wait to see what amazing films these guys and girls will put together’