It’s been a busy few weeks for the Drama Department and students. Recently, KS3 students performed a series of fantasy pieces to Year 7 and excited students from Bewdley Primary School. One student from Bewdley Primary said ‘The singers had lovely voices that stood out, I couldn’t do that myself. You were amazing, I loved it so much it was my favourite, well done I give it 5 stars!’ The performances wouldn’t of been possible without the support of several members of staff, and also the support of Grace D’s parents who helped with makeup, hair and backstage.

On Tuesday 26 February, 21 GCSE and A Level students went to The Blue Orange theatre in Birmingham to perform pieces as part of their courses. Students performed a range of a diverse contemporary plays for young people with themes of fly on wall documentaries, computer game obsessive teenager, 1980’s nightlife , female identity societal based choices and mother daughter relationships. In the audience were parents, students, friends and staff all coming to support this important production which counted towards 20% of students final grades. Ms Jones said ‘Performing in the City in a fringe venue in a theatre with professional equipment, was a fitting celebration of the hard work that goes into devising and interpreting scripts. This year was the seventh year running this highly successful event has taken place for students, which previously was held at the Custard Factory.’ The evening was made all the more special by the support of A Level photography students and staff taking pictures adding to the professionalism of the event. Both events brought several departments and members of the school community together, which allowed students to experience everything that goes into a production. Whether this was performing on stage, working backstage or working on lighting or music.