This morning, A-level Biology student met with Professor Liam Grover from Birmingham University to start an exciting new project. A Level Biologists this year have the opportunity to complete a Gold crest award as part of their course. The nationally recognised award will not only allow students to gain invaluable skills and experiences, but will also enhance their UCAS and job applications in the future.  Students will carry out 70 hours of project work which will involve planning, researching, practical work, reflecting and evaluating.

Students will be working closely with Professor Grover and his team throughout the project and will be spending a week in his labs getting first hand experience of cutting edge science, in particular related to the regeneration of body tissue.  It’s an amazing opportunity for our students.

Professor Grover is a Professor in Biomaterials Science and the Director of the Healthcare Technologies Institute. He has been at the University of Birmingham since 2006. Prior to this time he was a Skeletal Health Scholar at McGill University, Montreal. His group ( focuses on the application of materials science and chemical engineering to the design of novel technologies for the regeneration of tissues.  He has published more than 150 full peer reviewed papers, 20 extended conference papers, more than 70 reviewed conference abstracts, three book chapters and has filed seven patent applications. His work has been cited on more than 3500 occasions. He is also serving on the editorial board of Scientific Reports, Journal of Biomaterials Applications, Advances in Applied Ceramics and have guest edited two special editions of the journal. His work has been featured in Nature Materials, Materials World, and on the BBC.