Last weekend saw over 100 Year 10 students take to the Worcestershire countryside for the qualifying expedition of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award. In teams of 4 – 7 students planned and completed a route which took them from south of the Malvern Hills through to The Hive Library in the middle of Worcester. This included almost 30km of walking with all of their equipment and food for an overnight camp.


All students performed excellently, completing the expedition in high spirits despite some very tired legs, sore feet, ‘unexpected detours’ and the full range of spring weather, which included pouring rain and walking amongst the clouds to the energy sapping effects of blazing sunshine. All that remains in order to achieve their Bronze award is to complete the remaining skill, physical and voluntary sections by uploading assessor’s reports for each.

A huge thank you must also go out to the staff who gave up their evenings and weekend to make this expedition a success.