Please find attached the report from our recent Ofsted inspection. The inspection experience and outcomes were very positive for staff and students, this being very early on in a new Inspection Framework.

The lead inspector made it very clear that the report we would receive is much less technical than previous inspection reports, with educational terminology removed and an emphasis on making the text as accessible as possible. This inevitably means that some of the nuances of the verbal feedback shared with the Senior Leadership Team and Governors are lost. We will therefore highlight some points which came out very clearly as part of the inspection.

• The high quality of relationships between staff and students was seen as a strength of the school, with students saying consistently that staff would make every effort to give them all possible support in their learning.
• The innovative curriculum which is embedded in an ethos of opportunity, supported by a wide ranging and rich wider curriculum offer was seen as great strength of the school.
• Students are well behaved and the school is calm and orderly, with any issues resolved quickly and efficiently with minimal conflict or disruption to learning.

The emphasis on student experience for all students in the school, rather than only on the previous year of GCSE results, was a refreshing change of direction for senior leaders and governors.

Click Here to download a copy of our Ofsted Report