We are writing to update you on our situation, with regard to the new guidance on Covid19 related self-isolation. In addition to our normal levels of absence, we currently have 6 teachers in self-isolation, which is likely to double within the next few days.

It is our intention to continue to offer full education to all of our students for as long as we can. However, we may well reach a point within the next days and weeks where this becomes impossible for ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘quality of educational provision’ reasons.

Our contingency plan is to reduce our educational offer using a staged approach in response to teacher absence. We would first have to close down the curriculum for year 7 and ask those students to stay at home. We would then have to do so for year 8 and so on. Each year group not taught will free up between 6 and 8 teachers to cover absent colleagues.

We currently have 100 students absent and 56 self-isolating (this does not count as official absence). Please note that all self-isolation is precautionary, and at this stage there are no confirmed cases of Covid19 associated with the school.

We will delay this measure until we have no alternative, but we are writing to you to give plenty of advanced notice. Thank you for your support in working with us to follow government recommendations, to reduce the spread of this pandemic in our population.