Further to this week’s updates, telling you about online learning, laptop loans and school closure, we would now like to tell you about our Community Schooling Plan for vulnerable children and those of critical (key) workers. The underpinning principle for this is:

If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.

Our arrangements will broadly be based around the following principles:

  • The students attending will be organised into 2 groups; Key Stage 3 (year 7 & 8) and Key Stage 4 (year 9 & 10 with the year 11 curriculum now complete).
  • The main delivery model for our education for the foreseeable future is online learning, so mornings for children in school will be ‘supervised online learning’.
  • These morning sessions will be supported by Cover Supervisors and Teaching Assistants, with some limited support from teachers.
  • Afternoon sessions will be more active, comprising of a creative curriculum for KS3 and a practical science curriculum for KS4, with both having physical education.

Practical considerations:

  • The school will be open to staff and students from 8.30am to 3.30pm, with a strong focus on minimising contact and social distancing.
  • We have contacted the school transport team at Worcestershire County Council with the names of those needing support and will update you when we hear from them.
  • Students do not need to wear school uniform but if they have school PE kit or clothes suitable for casual active wear that would be ideal.
  • We will keep a skeleton staff in the school office should you wish to contact us, but most staff will work from home in line with government guidance.

Thank you for your continued support and whilst there shouldn’t be such urgent need for so much regular contact in the coming weeks, we will endeavour to keep you updated to ensure the cohesion of our school community.


Stay safe and well.