As promised last week, new schedules have been emailed out to students and parents today. You will find the procedures for staged re-opening here. This is exactly the same as the initial guidance with a change of date. You will also find our updated Risk Assessment here following further guidance from Worcestershire Children First. For those who have read the original, only page 7 is new in this document.

A reminder that our sessions which now start on Monday 15 June, run from 8.50am to 12.40pm.  Drop off and collection for those coming by car is at the leisure centre.

For Year 10, as we are now fitting in 3 core subjects and 4 option blocks into 5 weeks, the schedule will be slightly different and may amount to more than one session per week for students. Where staff are unable to come into school for a variety of reasons, sessions will continue online. This is indicated in each student’s schedule.

For Year 12, there will be 6 sessions across the 5 weeks, with 2 in each A level subject. Some of these may be online.

We are not going to open the attendance questionnaire up again, as we have already asked you to look at this twice. If there is anything else that you think we need to know, please email or phone and leave a message.

Thank you for your continued support.