We are now able to publish our guidance for September return which you can find here . A reminder that this is a refinement of the broad principles outlined in our guidance for June return found here. This guidance will help in particular, to remind students of the layout of our one way system within each block, which can be found at the end of the document in appendix E.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know of some staffing changes for September. Miss Hynes leaves us after 6 years teaching English at the school, and will join Holy Trinity School In Kidderminster in September. Miss Roberts leaves us after 7 years teaching English at the school, and will join Oldbury Wells School In Bridgnorth. We would like to thank them both for their exceptional contribution to our excellent English team over their years of service, and wish them all the very best of luck in their new roles.

Mrs Painter will retire this summer after 24 years teaching business studies at the school, including many years as Head of Year. Her contribution to the growth of the school has been incalculable, and we wish her a long and happy retirement. Our three colleagues will be sorely missed, and we take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of all of their colleagues and students over the years. They have played a huge part in making the school what it is today, and we will miss them all.

However, we are delighted to welcome Mrs Baptiste and Mr Cooper to our English team in September and we are confident that they will both be great assets to the school. The other significant change is that Mr Baxter will be stepping down as Head of Faculty and Head of Drama this summer, but we are delighted that he is not leaving us completely, and he will continue to teach English and drama as a part-time member of staff. Mr Mudge will take over as our new Head of Drama, whilst Mr Willetts steps in as Lead Teacher for business studies. Mr Chauhan is also looking forward to his return to the business team, as teacher of A level business.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing staff for their efforts in keeping the school running through these extraordinary circumstances. We started the year with an Ofsted inspection, then had floods in February and closure in March. Throughout the year, our staff as always, have been steadfast in support for their students and are all looking forward to some semblance of normality.

We wish you a restful summer and very much look forward to our September return.