We are writing to inform you that we have been notified that a member of staff has tested positive for COVID-19. Data protection requirements obviously make the identity of the member of staff confidential.

We have been liaising with Public Health England and the local Health Protection Team and I can confirm that the individual started experiencing symptoms on Saturday afternoon and has not been in since as per our risk assessment. To determine whether the staff member has been in contact with others who now might be at risk of infection, Public Health England are using the following time frames:

  • If symptomatic: 2 days before onset of symptoms until 10 days after onset of symptoms
  • If asymptomatic: 2 days before date of test until 10 days after date of test.

As the symptoms started on Saturday, we have looked in detail at the two days before; the member of staff was in school on Thursday and Friday teaching only 5 separate classes. Following detailed discussion with the member of staff and the Health Protection Team, we are confident that social distancing was maintained between the staff member and all students on both days. Therefore, the school will remain open as usual and no students will be contacted to self-isolate.

Please Click Here to download a copy of the letter sent by our Head Teacher.