We hope you have had a restful half-term break, as you will be aware, we removed tutor time from our school day in order to stagger the start and end times, but as students are moving at the same time during the rest of the day, this has not proved to be necessary. We are also able to dismiss students from their zoned waiting areas to lessons, for a staggered day start, without this timing structure.

We are therefore reinstating tutor time in between lessons 2 and 3 for all students after half-term.

We will revert to the normal start and finish times for ALL students:

Start: 8.50am                     Finish: 3.20pm

The school day will therefore be:

School Day from 1 September 2020School Day from 2 November 2020
08:50Session 1: Years 7/8, 12/1308:50Session 1
08:55Session 1: Year 909:40Changeover
09:00Session 1: Years10/1109:45Session 2
09:50Session 210:35Tutorial
10:40Changeover10:55Session 3
10:45Session 311:45Changeover
11:35Changeover11:50Session 4/lunch 1 & 2
11:40Session 4/lunch 1 & 212:40Changeover
12:30Changeover12:45Session 5/lunch 3 & 4
12:35Session 5/lunch 3 & 413:35Changeover
13:25Changeover13:40Session 6/lunch 5
13:30Session 6/lunch 514:30Session 7
14:20Session 715:20End
15:10End: Years 7/8
15:15End: Year 9
15:20End: Years 10/11/12/13


You may also be aware that we were very keen to have our split day arrangement as our tier 2 response in the event of local restrictions. Unfortunately, the DfE guidance on tier 2 arrangements, published on Friday 28 August immediately prior to school return, requires all students to have at least a week at home for symptoms to emerge. We have been seeking suppot from Public Health England for our split day arrangements, but have been unable to establish support for this as yet.

Our current tier 2 plan, therefore involves a week on/week off model with 3 ‘social bubbles in school during each week. The key features are:

  • This would be based on our current 7 lesson/3 lunch period day to maintain social bubbles in school
  • Given that we have 6 social bubbles – y7/y8/sixth form attend one week and y9/y10/y11 the next
  • For home learning we will try to offer a 25-30 minute live ‘Teams’ lesson during normal timetable slots
  • This online curriculum is a continuation of this years’ practice with live lessons on Teams and ‘Show My Homework’

As a result of reinstating tutor time, there have been a number of timetable changes for students, such as the room students should go to for tutor time. Timetables are now available via Show My Homework, which is accessible by students and parents/carers. This is the most up to date information and should be the ‘go to’ for students to confirm their lessons. Timetables can be printed from Show My Homework either at home or in school should students wish to have a paper copy. Student need to ensure they have checked their timetable before Monday 2 November to ensure they know their timetable.

Tutor Locations are as follows:

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12Year 13
7B – CMU (E8)8B – ESH (E1)9B – BTU (C10)10B – RBE (A2)11B – ACA (D2)12B – JRI (E10)13B – LCO (C4)
7R – HLL (E14)8R – RUP (E3)9R – KWI (C7)10R – DRA (A6)11R – CHO (D3)12R – GCA (E11)13R – BRD (B8)
7S – AMU (E12)8S – CIB (E6)9S – KDA (C2)10S – JLO (A3)11S – CJO (D6)12S – VMI (E7)13S – WNU (S2)
7W – ACO (E16)8W – KHA (E4)9W – DMA (C8)10W – HHA (A5)11W – MAL (D5)  
7F – AGR (E13)8F – GHO (E2)9F – SBI (C3)10F – ASA (B2)11F – SMC (D1)  
7V – CBA (E9)8V – NSC (E5)9V – SWA (C5)10V – JWI (A7)11V – CBD (D8)  


From next half term as previously announced, reports will begin to be issued to individual year groups. These will now be issues using My Ed which will allow parents to have all their child/s reports to be stored in one place. If you do not already have My Ed setup on your phone, we recommend in the coming weeks you get this setup by downloading My Ed from the Google Play or App Store.

The World Health Organisation published a statement on 21 August about children and face coverings. They now advise that children should wear a covering under the same conditions as adults, in particular when they cannot guarantee at least a 1-metre distance from others and there is widespread transmission in the area.

Transmission rates in Worcestershire, in particular the Wyre Forest area are increasing rapidly and in order to keep all members of our community safe, we insist that children wear their face coverings when moving around the school site [unless they have been exempt].  Understandably, face coverings will not be worn during lesson times.  Please reinforce to your child the importance of bringing in and wearing their face covering.

Re-usable black material face masks will be available from the school office at a cost of £2 and they will come with a plastic sealable bag. Persistent failure to bring in and/or wear a face covering will be pursued through our behaviour policy.

If your child begins to display COVID symptoms it is critical that you inform the school as soon as possible that your child is being booked for a test and begin isolating. Once test results are received parent/carers need to contact the school to confirm the result (even if negative). This can be done at any time by emailing office@bewdley.worcs.sch.uk, phoning 01299 403277 or using My Ed.

We will let you know if there are any changes to these plans.