As we have now entered lockdown and during the current national restrictions we need to emphasise the importance of your child adhering to the safety control measures adopted by the school. We have had a very small minority of students who either fail to bring in a face covering and/or refuse to wear their face covering. Government guidance issued on 4 November 2020 makes it very clear that face coverings need to be worn by all students in communal spaces. Please could you emphasise to your child the importance of wearing a face covering to protect themselves and all members of our community. Re-usable black material face masks are available to purchase from the School Office at a cost of £2 and they will come with a plastic sealable bag.

From Monday 9 November, failure to adhere to the measures implemented will result in serious disciplinary consequences. Students who are exempt from wearing a face covering must ensure they carry their school issued exemption card at all times.

We thank you for all your continued support and please keep safe during these unprecedented times.