As we reach the end of this extremely unusual term, we would just like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and admiration in how brilliantly everyone in our school community is working together in the face of the immense changes to our lives that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

Learning around the school is extremely purposeful and students have achieved so much since September.  We remain acutely aware of the challenges for students, especially when asked to self-isolate and missing valuable time in school.  We continue to develop our online learning offer, and although it can never replicate being in school, we hope that students will have plenty of resources to make progress when at home.

School closes for the Christmas and New Year break on Friday 18th December at 12.00pm.  Students who are eligible for free school meals can opt to pick up a packed lunch from the school canteen. Parents/Carers will need to complete this form to indicate if their child requires a packed lunch

These last 2 days of term will be non-uniform ‘Christmas Jumper’ days. Students will be asked to make a £2 charitable donation, which they need to bring in on Monday 14th December. Donations will all go to charities supported by the school. The arrangements for Friday 18th December are:

8.50        Lesson 1
9.40        Changeover
9.45        Lesson 2
10.35     Changeover
10.40     Lesson 3
11.30     Tutor period
12.00     End of school

A reminder that school reopens at 8.40am for all students on Tuesday 5th January 2021 (Monday 4th January 2021 is a teacher training day).

The rest of the end of term letter will focus on behaviour, dress code, school lockers and the reporting of COVID-19 cases during the Christmas and New Year holiday.


The Bewdley School is committed to promoting and developing the moral values and ethos as a school.  Our school moto “Learning for Life – Achievement for All” applies to both students and staff.  We expect the school community to ensure they are Ready, Respectful and Safe by living the school values.

We expect all students to adhere to the school’s “non-negotiables”:

  • arrive to lesson on time
  • complete all classwork to the best of their ability
  • complete all homework
  • bring and use their Knowledge Organiser
  • wear the school uniform in full and with pride
  • bring a fully equipped pencil case with the following equipment to every lesson – at least 2 black/blue pens, green pen, purple pen, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, calculator, ruler, highlighter, colouring pencils, scissors, glue stick, compass, protractor
  • students to put their hands up to ask/answer questions

We thank you in advance for your support in ensuring your child arrives to school “Ready to Learn”.

Dress Code

Thank you to our parents and carers for supporting the school in implementing our uniform policy and a polite reminder that trainers are NOT permitted items of footwear and should not be worn in school.  We appreciate that shoes can be an expensive item for parents to buy and we are therefore keen to ensure the correct version is purchased. Your child may tell you differently, but trainer-type shoes are not permitted, nor are canvas pumps, trainers or mules.

All of our uniform is available to order online or by telephone from Marks & Spencer at Further details and information on our school uniform and breaches of school uniform can be found in our Behaviour Policy here.

The latest publication of Safe Practice in Physical Education and its guidance states that all piercings and retainers are to be removed for PE, including dance. As there are so many piercings, earrings and retainers available now, all with their own quirks, fittings and healing periods, we cannot have different rules for different piercings, as it would be difficult to draw a line between them. As the only piercings that are permitted to be worn for school are 1 pair of earrings in the lobes, we are not in a position to make any exceptions.  With regards to hair styles, extreme styles and colours are not acceptable; symbols, names etc.

Please see the “Acceptable School Uniform Guidelines” on our website Uniform – The Bewdley School

School Lockers

Following a Health & Safety review we have made the decision to de-commission the use of student lockers due to the heightened risk of cross-bubble interaction between students.  Please could you ensure your child clears their locker before the Christmas and New Year break as all contents/belongings in lockers will be disposed of during the holiday period.  There will be a small selection of lockers available for students or students with specific learning needs or medical conditions.  Please email if your child meets this criteria.  Please ask your child to return their locker key at main reception in order for them to receive the £5.00 refundable locker deposit.

Reporting of COVID-19 cases during the Christmas and New Year holiday

Parents of students who are symptomatic on 19 & 20th should arrange for immediate testing here:

Students who have COVID-19 symptoms starting on 19th or 20th December will need to inform their school immediately. You can submit your test result at

Students who develop COVID-19 symptoms and test positive on or after 00.01hrs on Mon 21st December will not need to inform the school but will be required to self-isolate for 10 days and their close contacts will be identified through the national Contact Tracing Service (CTS).

Students who need to continue their self-isolation into the new term should inform the school of their absence in the usual way. Under no circumstances should any pupil return to school if they are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms (however minor) or are unwell in any other way. Please arrange for a test and inform the school.

We wish you peaceful and restful Christmas and New Year.