Due to hazardous conditions on site, the early decision has been taken to close the school site on Monday 25 January.

Following a site inspection, sections of our school site are currently threatened by flood water along with the rest of the site covered by the current heavy snowfall. The weather forecast is for minus temperatures overnight across the region which means our site cannot be safely cleared of all the snow and ice. Therefore to ensure the safety of our students and staff we have felt it necessary to make this early decision.

School will be closed to all staff, Critical Worker and Vulnerable children on Monday 25 January. The scheduled COVID-19 testing will also be postponed until a later day, as well as the collection / delivery of Free School Meal hampers. New dates will be announced for both in the coming days as we continue to assess the changing conditions.

Live Lesson / Remote Learning will continue as normal, but there may be some disruption as some staff who normally work within school will be unable to come in.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank our community for their continued support at this challenging time.