Worcestershire County Council have produced a guide for families to help them understand what to do and who has to isolate when there is a confirmed COVID-19 case within the household. This guide can be found here Family Self-Isolation Guide

Household members and childcare bubble – access to free twice weekly Lateral Flow Testing (LFT).

Thank you for all your support as parents with schooling over the last few lockdown months. We are keen to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in Worcestershire and home LFT testing is one of many actions we can take as a community to achieve this reduction in COVID-19 cases.

With the return to school for pupils, adult household members of children and young people in nursery, school, or college and those who have formed a childcare bubble, can now access free Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) for twice weekly testing at home.

The tests are for use by adult household members only. Children/young people in Y7 and above can also access LFTs for use twice weekly – these are provided by schools/colleges.

Adult householders or your childcare bubble can obtain test kits (or be tested) in the following ways:
• through your employer if they offer testing to employees
• by collecting a home test kit from a local test site – You can collect 2 packs of home test kits at a local collection point. Local test sites are now dual sites PCR testing in morning and LFT testing or collection in afternoon – open from 1.30pm to 7pm https://find-covid-19-rapid-test-sites.maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/ (no booking required)
• by ordering a home test kit online: https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

To book an LFT at a local test site, visit this link: https://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20870/coronavirus_covid-19_symptoms_and_how_to_get_a_test/2344/coronavirus_covid-19_i_do_not_have_symptoms

By testing twice weekly, we can identify people who are infectious earlier and reduce the transmission of the virus and so progress, step by step out of lockdown. Your support in reducing infections in Worcestershire is valued.

If you have tested positive within 90 days, you do not need to re-test.

If you or your child develops any symptoms of COVID-19, however mild, they should remain at home for at least 10 days from the date when their symptoms started. Anyone with symptoms is eligible for testing and this should be arranged via https://www.nhs.uk/ask-for-a-coronavirus-test or by calling 119 .