Since students returned on 8th March, we have been conducting weekly supervised LFD tests within our COVID test centre with our dedicated team of staff. We are extremely grateful for the support and uptake which has enabled us to keep our school community safe during this period. Since testing commenced we have conducted 2265 COVID-19 LFD tests, 4 of which were positive (all in January, when infection levels were high). By 26 March every student will have had 3 supervised tests in school, if they have consented and been present on the days the tests were offered. So far, all of the positive cases we have reported in school have been associated with other family members who have already tested positive.

This week marks the end of whole school supervised testing, with students receiving their home testing kits throughout this week. Below is when parents/carers should expect students to bring home their home testing kits. (All Students will be sent home with a testing kit regardless of if they took part within the supervised testing in school.)

Test kits will be issued on the following dates:

Tuesday 23 March – Year 11
Wednesday 24 March – Year 10
Thursday 25 March – Year 9
Friday 24 March – Year 7 & 8

Home Test kits

Once testing kits have been issued, students should start testing themselves regularly including during the Easter Holidays. The table below highlights the dates that students should be conducting a home test kit, these will be on Wednesday (Evening) and Sunday (Evening)

The Department for Health & Social Care have put together a series of YouTube videos to support students with their home testing which can be found here


Testing Schedule











Once students have completed their tests, we request that a parent/carer logs the test result in the following locations:

NHS Test & Trace – Please visit and follow the steps provided to submit the test result.
The Bewdley School Track & Trace – Schools are unable to view NHS Test and Trace Results. Therefore, to notify school of a test result please click this link

Logging of results is very quick and even if the result is negative or void it is critical that results are submitted to both the NHS and the school to ensure we have a clear picture of student testing within our community.

Assisted Home Testing

Once students have been issued with their home test kits, we recognise that some students may still be a little unsure of the process or after they try the test kit may need further guidance. To support student with this we are offering a final two supported testing days at our test centre, these will be on:

Tuesday 30 March – Years 9/10 11 ONLY (Click here to book –
Thursday 1 April – Years 7/8 ONLY (Click here to book –

If parents/carers wish to book their child in for one final supervised COVID test with supervised guidance, please complete the link below. Please note that there is only limited capacity and the deadline for appointments is 10pm on Sunday 28th March.

The government will continue to review the in line with the road map out of lockdown, which includes home testing of students. As soon as we receive any further information or guidance, we will write again to parents/carers to confirm what the arranges will be post May 2021. We thank you for you continued support in keeping our community safe.