Year 9 is an important transition year from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4.  To support this transition, we are making the move to give students some limited choices in the subjects that they study from the start of Year 9.

We are asking that all students choose 3 subjects from the following list.  All students must pick at least one creative subject (C).

  • Art (C)
  • Textiles (C)
  • Food and Nutrition (C)
  • Drama (C)
  • Music (C)
  • Design Technology (C)
  • Business
  • Computing
  • ICT
  • Health & Social Care
  • PE
  • Dance

In addition to this all students will need to choose between taking:

  • French
  • Spanish

During Year 9 students will then make their final option choices for the GCSE and Vocational courses that they wish to study.  By limiting the subjects that they are studying at the start of Year 9 students will gain a fuller insight into the subjects that they are interested in at KS4. Not studying a subject at the start of Year 9 does not eliminate the choice from the final options process. The GCSE content will not begin on any course until after the final option choices have been made in Year 9.

To assist with this process students have had a virtual assembly in form time today and a copy of this can be found here.

Parents & students have been emailed a guide on how to complete the online options process. This must be done using the students’ school email account and cannot be completed using parent/carers own personal account. A registration link as well as instructions have been sent to student’s school emails account ready for this process. Please ensure you click the registration link before you begin the process.

A copy of the Online Options user guide can be found here


Any questions please do not hesitate Mrs Evetts Head of Year 8