Today we have received notification that the confirmatory PCR test, relating to Tuesday 11 May positive LFD test, has given a NEGATIVE result. This means that all students required to isolate can now return. As a result, we are pleased to advise that we now have no confirmed cases within the school community at this time.

On Monday 10 May it was announced that from Monday 17 May the Government would no longer direct schools on their stance towards face masks. We are therefore writing to update you on our policy regarding face masks from Monday 17 May. As a school we have always made decisions based upon what is right for our school and our community at that given time. Following a review of our COVID-19 risk assessment and consultation with our staff body, we have decided to revert to our previous policy. This requires all students to wear face masks (unless medically exempt) in communal spaces e.g. corridors / lesson change and when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Students will no longer be required to wear masks in lessons (unless they are required to for a practical where social distancing cannot be maintained). Students who wish to wear face coverings in lessons are allowed to do so. We have made this decision to ensure that our school community continues to remain safe and to keep infection levels down. Over the past 12 months as a result of the measures we have put in place, there has been no confirmed transmission of the infection within our school. We appreciate the efforts being made by our students and how maturely they have conducted themselves having to wear a mask all the time. As restrictions continue to lift nationally we will review our risk assessments and policies accordingly.

For students who travel to school using public transport or school buses, please note that the government policy has not changed and students must continue to wear face masks when on public transport, unless the student is medically exempt.

We thank you for you continued and unwavering support.