We are one week away from the start of our Summer School, where we are already looking forward to welcoming many new faces to The Bewdley School. In advance of our Summer School we are providing further information and guidance for parents/carers to enable them to plan and prepare for the week of activities. From Monday 19th July Phase 4 of Lockdown comes into effect, however, any students who are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms should remain at home and not attend Summer School. Students who we deem to be unwell will be required to be collected and unable to take part in Summer School.

The timetable for the Summer School is:


DetailsWeek 1Week 2




Creative Writing Workshop

with Kerry Hadley-Pryce

Tutor Group



https://kerryhadley-pryce.weebly.com/RoomRoom B1: large downstairs drama room in B block
Theatre Workshop

with The Paper Birds & Georgie Coles

Tutor Group




 www.thepaperbirds.comRoomThe Activity Studio near reception in E block
Music Workshop

with Stacey Blythe

Tutor Group




http://www.staceyblythe.com/about.phpRoomRoom B2: downstairs music room in B block
Multi-Sports Workshop

with Strike 9 Training & Dele Adebola

Tutor Group




https://www.strike9-training.com/RoomThe leisure centre and sports fields
Environment Workshop

With Green up Your Act & Philip Hunton

Tutor Group




https://www.greenupyouracteducation.co.uk/RoomRoom A8: technology workshop in A block
Be a Saxon for a day

With Those History People & Phil Cooke

Tutor Group





The School Gymnasium


We hope the information below answers any questions parent/carers may have in preparation for our Summer School:


Students do not need to attend summer school wearing their school uniform, they should attend wearing suitable clothing for outdoor physical activities e.g. sports, Saxon House building etc. Therefore, for Health & Safety reason sandals and open toed shoes are not appropriate to be worn for the duration of Summer School. If students wish to wear a face covering during Summer School, they are more than welcome to do so.

For students taking part in the Saxon day above, students will need to attend school dressed as a Saxon! For more information about what to wear, please view this helpful document – – Student Saxon Leaflet

Arrival at School:

Students should arrive on site no earlier than 8.45, students can enter our site either via the main vehicle entrance or via the bridge by the Leisure Centre. Students should enter the school site on their own and no parent/carer should enter the school grounds at any time. At the end of Summer School students will be returned to the Tennis court, where they will leave and meet parent/carers at an agreed location.


 Students should attend Summer School everyday where possible, if students are unable to attend Summer School for any reason (e.g. due to sickness), then the school should be informed before 9am by either emailing office@bewdley.worcs.sch.uk or calling 01299 403277. Any students who are expected to attend and do not turn up will receive a call home if no explanation is provided.


There will be no School Transport available during Summer School, therefore parents/carers will need to organise for students to get to school by either walking, cycling, being dropped off or using public transport. For students being dropped off, please use Blackstone Carpark or the Leisure Centre Car park and ensure students know where to meet at the end of the day.

Meeting Point:

Once on site students should assemble on the Tennis Courts located near to the main school gates (large green netted enclosure). Within the tennis courts there will be clearly labelled sections for each Tutor Group to stand in and await further instructions from members of staff. At the end of the day students will return to the Tennis Courts to be dismissed where they will then leave site to either meet parent/carers or go home.

Times of the Day:

Summer School will start at 9am and finish at 2.30pm, students will have a short break and a lunch break during the day. The times of these will be dependent on the activity students are taking part in at the time.

Lunch / Drinks:

Students should attend Summer School daily with a drink and a packed lunch (packed lunches will be provided to Free School Meal students). Please note that facilities to replenish drinks are limited due to the pandemic, so where possible students should attend with enough fluid to last the day. There will be no facility in school for students to purchase an food or drink until September.

We are really excited after the disruption students have had in the last 18 months to welcome them finally into The Bewdley School community. Our Summer Schools will be a fun, action packed week where student will learn, make new friends and settle into The Bewdley School before September. We ask that parents/carers take the opportunity to remind their child about the expectations we as a school have around the behaviour of our students (Year 7 Induction Booklet 2021). Any students who behave in a disruptive or disrespectful manner will be sent home from Summer School.

Should parents/carers need to get in touch with the school please either email office@bewdley.worcs.sch.uk or call 01299 403277.