We are excited to welcome you all back and in the case of Year 7 parents/carers, we warmly welcome you to The Bewdley School. As we are about to embark upon another academic year, we are writing to provide parents with some key information about the start of term.

Phased Return

As you will be aware, students are returning to school on a phased basis to enable onsite LFD testing to take place. This is crucial in keeping our community safe and already has identified positive cases within our community. If students are not attending the onsite LFD testing, we ask that parents/carers complete a home LFD test and submit the result online Lateral Flow Testing (LFD) – The Bewdley School before students return to school.

A reminder of students first day in school is below:

Year GroupDay of First TestReturn to School DateDay of Second Test
Year 7Wednesday 1 SeptemberFriday 3 SeptemberWednesday 8 September
Year 8Thursday 2 SeptemberMonday 6 SeptemberThursday 9 September
Year 9Friday 3 SeptemberMonday 6 SeptemberFriday 10 September
Year 10Monday 6 SeptemberTuesday 7 SeptemberMonday 13 September
Year 11Tuesday 7 SeptemberWednesday 8 SeptemberTuesday 14 September
Year 12Thursday 2 SeptemberFriday 3 SeptemberThursday 9 September
Year 13Friday 3 SeptemberMonday 6 SeptemberFriday 10 September


Year 7 & Year 12

Tomorrow we welcome our new Year 7 and Year 12 students, Year 7 students should arrive and meet in the Tennis Courts where they will be greeted by their tutor at the start of the school day. There will be a series of activities students will be taking part in throughout the day, these include school photos, tours and setting their biometrics up for lunchtime.

As students will not be setup on our system, students for Friday only will need to bring a snack if required at break time. Hot meals will be available at lunchtime, so students can purchase a school meal if funds have been added to their accounts. Please note that Free School Meal Students will have their meals provided for them as normal. Funds can be added to students accounts using our online payment system iPay –  iPayimpact

Year 12 students should arrive for an induction assembly at 10.30, students should enter site using the pedestrian gates by the Leisure Centre or on the main drive way. Students will be in for a short range of activities and to select their subject choices and then will be able to return home once this has been completed.


We are aware like many other schools, the supplier of core uniform has been severely disrupted due to COVID-19 and other external factors. We would like to reassure parents/carers that students will not be penalised for this. We ask that in cases where core uniform students attend school wearing as much of the core uniform as they have e.g. – as a minimum students should attend wearing their black trousers, school shoes and their white shirt until their tie / blazer arrives. Our uniform suppliers  have assured us that the back log is being resolved and in many cases should be resolved by Monday.

For Year 7 students who do not have the correct uniform, will be able to have their photograph taken on a different day next week. So we would like to reassure parents/carers that every effort is being made to accommodate issues outside of parents/carers control.


During the Summer the government has issued new advise to schools regarding requirements for COVID-19. As such we have reviewed our Risk Assessments and protocols and updated them accordingly. Our latest risk assessment can be found on our website – Risk Assessments – The Bewdley School

The key changes are:

  • Students no longer have to remain in Year bubbles and will be able to mix with other Year Groups
  • Students will continue to sanitise / wash their hands at the start of every lesson and break
  • Students are no longer required to wear a face covering, but we strongly encourage students to do so in corridors / communal areas. But this will not be enforced or expected of students
  • Students will need to continue to do twice weekly LFD testing (once onsite testing concludes). The Government will review this at the end of September.

First Day of Term

On the first day of term all students (except Year’s 7 & 12) will go straight to their first lesson on their timetable. Students new timetables for this year are available on Show My Homework. So we ask parents/carers ensure that their child has logged onto SMHW to check where they should be and that they have the correct equipment. Access to SMHW can be done either through the student, parent/carer app or via our website – Connect to Bewdley

Breakfast Club

We are delighted to confirm as well as the launch of our new menu and street food, our breakfast and break time service will be returning. Students will be able to from 8am come to the Main Hall and purchase hot and cold breakfast options.

We look forward to seeing all our students again and also welcoming a lot of new faces.