We current have increased numbers of COVID-19 within our school community, as a result we are currently identified as an outbreak site and we are reintroducing a number of measures to ensure we keep our community safe and reduce the spread. Students will continue to sanitise their hands regularly and we strongly advise that students wear a face covering when moving around communal areas. Further information can be found in our risk assessment – Risk Assessments – The Bewdley School

With increased rates it is also critical that students continue to regularly self-test using the LFD kits provided as this is the best way of prevent new cases entering into our community.

Dates for testing are below:

Wednesday 6 October
Sunday 10 October
Wednesday 13 October
Sunday 17 October
Wednesday 20 October
Sunday 24 October

Once a student has completed their test they should submit their result online (even if it is negative) – Lateral Flow Testing (LFD) – The Bewdley School

As a result of the current measures we are also reverting back to a zero visitor policy, unless a parent/carer or external visitor has been invited in. We ask that parent/carers do not attend the school site without a prior appointment.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will make further adjustments as necessary following consultations with the LORT and Public Health England.