We write to clarify our end of term arrangements for Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th December 2021, which will be an early finish. These last 3 days of term will be non-uniform ‘Christmas Jumper’ days. Students will be asked to make a £2 charitable donation, which will used to fund our School outdoor shelter project. Donations can be made using our online payment system iPay – iPayimpact to reduce the handling of money within school.

Wednesday 15th December will be our Christmas Dinner, and lunch will start 10 minutes earlier (12.30) and finish 10 minutes later (1.45) to ensure that all students have time for a Christmas dinner. This means that lesson 4 and 5 either side of lunch will be 40 instead of 50 minutes. On this day Christmas dinner will be £3 for a Christmas dinner and pudding and there will only be a very limited selection of other meals available from the pod.

Students who are Free School Meals will receive their Christmas Dinner within their allowance, but will not be able to use their allowance at break time on this day.

The arrangements for Friday 17th  December are:

8:50-9:40 – Lesson 1
9.45-10:35 – Lesson 2
10:35-10:55 – Break
10:55-11-45 – Lesson 3
11:50-12:30 Lesson 4 – Tutor Time
12:30 – End of School

Students who are entitled to a Free School meal will be offered a packed lunch on Friday and we ask parents in receipt of Free School Meals to complete the form here to indicate if they would like their child to receive a packet lunch – https://forms.office.com/r/a3dFXt1qgJ.

Students return to school on Wednesday 5 January where we will be conducting on site COVID-19 LFD testing as we did in September. The schedule for testing is:

Tuesday 4th January (staff training day)  – Year’s 11, 12 and 13 invited in for testing
Wednesday 5th January – Year 7
Thursday 6th January – Year 8
Friday 7th January – Year 9
Monday 10th January – Year 10

Please remember to continue COVID-19 LFD testing during the Christmas break and more test kits will be issued to students in January.

We wish you a peaceful and restful Christmas holiday from all at The Bewdley School.