As we enter this final term of the academic year, and with the examinations starting imminently, we wanted to take this opportunity to write with some important messages and reminders. Practical examinations and Modern Foreign Language start on 2 May with formal written examinations starting on Monday 15 May, with the last exam taking place on Wednesday 21 June. The timetable can be found in the Examinations section of our website – Exams – The Bewdley School, students have also received an individual copy, they will get an additional copy of this timetable including rooming and seating information later this week. Please be aware that JCQ have released some contingency dates, in the unlikely event that any examinations need to be rescheduled. These are 8 June (pm), 15 June (pm) and 28 June. Therefore, students will need to be available until 28 June.

Click Here for an information leaflet for students and parents, issued by Ofqual.

School Day & exam timings

All students are expected to be in school every day from 8.40am until 3.20pm. Students no longer have “study leave”; instead, they will remain in school, preparing for their examinations with the help and support of their teachers. This is so we can maximise the learning hours for the students, which is especially important in light of the disruption they have had to their learning due to the pandemic. From now until the start of the exams, students will be following their normal timetable. Revision classes will continue this half-term after school and the students should make the most of these sessions. Once the examinations have started on 15 May, students will continue to be in school either in an exam or in their normal timetabled lesson. After half term students will follow the revision timetable (Click Here) – where students do not have revision or an examination they may work at home. Revision sessions will be led by subject specialists and will allow students to engage in high-quality subject-specific revision leading up to each examination.

During the examination period, it is essential that students arrive in school on time so that they do not miss the start of their examinations. They will need to be in school for 8.30am for admittance into the exam room at 8.45am. Students should be waiting outside examination rooms at 1.15pm for afternoon examinations. Please be aware that some afternoon exams will finish later than 3.20pm, so your child may have to make alternative arrangements to get home.

Exam regulations

All examinations will be held in a formal manner, adhering to JCQ regulations. If any pupil breaches these regulations, we are duty-bound to report this to the appropriate bodies. Just a reminder that mobile phones and watches are strictly prohibited. We also need to make parents aware that if a student fails to attend an exam without a genuine reason, then school will charge parents/carers for the exam fee. Some useful reminders can be found Here on the infographic from JCQ.

Students must attend school in school uniform throughout the entire exam period.

If a student has any sort of issue on the morning of an examination, please call the Main Office and inform Mrs Bridges (Exams Officer) as soon as possible.  If for any reason a student is running late, they should call both the Main Office and Mrs Bridges Direct line and attempt to get to school as quickly and safely as possible. Exams Direct Dial – 01299 406813, (leaving a message if necessary). It is important to note that students are expected to attend all examinations and are better to do this even if they are not feeling 100% as students are not awarded marks if they miss examinations.


We know that this is a stressful time for students and we are here to support them. Students can speak to a member of staff if they have any worries or concerns.

There is an area of our website dedicated to mental health and well-being support. This can be found here.

Also, there are other websites that offer guidance and support:

Marking the end of an era

We understand that reaching the end of Year 11 is a milestone for the students, and one that they will want to mark and celebrate with their friends and teachers. For the next two months, students will need to devote their time and energy to their examinations, so we ask that celebrations do not happen during the exam period, as it can distract students from focusing on their studies. Instead, we would love the opportunity to celebrate with the students. Firstly, we shall invite students to join us during lesson 5 on Friday 26 May to sign shirts, collect their year group hoodies along with the Ice cream van – it is a lovely event for them to see their friends and teachers for a final time all together.  Students will leave school at 2.40pm on this day.  Moreover, we are looking forward to the Year 11 prom which will be taking place on the 6 of July at Wharton Park Golf Club – for any students who have not yet signed up and would like to attend please pay using

We also would like to take this opportunity to remind that Wharton Park have installed new speed bumps on their long entrance road. Therefore, it may not be suitable for sports cars/low cars transporting students to the Prom.

Sixth Form transition days

Sixth Form transition days are Monday 3 & Tuesday 4 July.

Students have previously been told about these dates and further information will be issued closer to the time.

Results Day

We look forward to seeing the students in school when they collect their results on Thursday 24 August – more information will follow about the arrangements for this day.

Finally, we wish all our students the very best of luck as they prepare for their examinations.

If parents/carers have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Main Office.