Bewdley Sixth Form

Bewdley Sixth Form is a rare entity in today’s education system, in that it encourages striving for academic

excellence whilst recognising that at the same time, education is more stressful than it has ever been and students need high quality personalised support. We have a progressive and forward looking approach which means that you will get the support you need to go wherever your ambitions take you.

We work closely with our community and have recently introduced an elected Young Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Bewdley. We are building international partnerships with many countries, which alongside our growing links with local businesses and the universities sector, means a rich and varied range of opportunities for you, whatever your interests might be.

There is currently an ongoing review of our Sixth Form curriculum offer, with a view to expanding our range to meet the ever changing needs of our community. This includes a bridging course for those who have struggled with the new GCSE regime and are not quite ready for A level study. We are also considering alternative courses which may include A level subjects such as Sociology, Economics, Applied Science and Government & Politics. If you have other interests outside our current offer, come to see us and let us know.

Developing our already excellent Sixth Form is a high priority for us as a school, and I welcome you to come and see us to discuss your needs and ambitions.

Bewdley Sixth Form is an established centre of proven academic success, ever evolving for curriculum change. We pride ourselves on providing a forward-thinking and innovative vision that ensures every student is ready to achieve success. As an aspirational team of staff we actively model and promote a passion for our chosen subjects; driving our school ethos of ‘learning for life, achievement for all’.

A message from the Sixth Form Council

Our time at Bewdley has shaped us into the people we are today.

Bewdley Sixth Form, from the outside, may seem like any other but once you are a part of it you realise its monumental worth. It is a special place full of challenge and helpfulness and is the best place for you to study your A Levels.

The teachers are approachable and are always willing to help, never saying no to a student who requires support. The scheduled non-contact times allow a flexible school day, and allows you to work independently around your subject needs, making your time at Bewdley Sixth Form as successful as possible.



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