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Due to these extremely volatile and unprecedented times, it is important for students to keep up with their studies at home, which will ensure they don’t fall behind. Being resilient and working hard will be rewarded!

In the event of school closure please find the action plan for students during Covid-19:
1. Students should try to keep to a school routine, get up and be ready for learning at 8:30, spend the time they would have been in lessons, working for the subject that is on their timetable. Try to take breaks at the school times too – so working pattern remains the same. Check their emails / Show My Homework/MS Teams, each school day. They should complete all the work assigned to them where they are physically able to do so.
2. Teachers will set work on MS Teams, email or Show my Homework or by email for every lesson (or for a series of lessons) for their classes. This can include referencing BBC bitesize. Subject specific websites or materials, or the student work books.n (User guides for MS Teams and Show my Homework are attached with this)
3. If students are ill, and are unable to do the set work, please treat this as a sick-from-school day and do as advised by the NHS helpline etc. The work will be there for students to catch-up when they are feeling better.
4. Students work may involve embedding, reading, revising, project based, learning literacy etc. Students to be able to revise content, e.g. make a visual, cards/poster etc. with access to students books/revision guides or other online resources.
5. For A level students (all of KS5), teachers will want to keep marking students work if we have a prolonged school closure. Make sure students know how to use OneDrive, email or MS Teams, so they can upload their documents, and then share them with their teacher.
6. Remember please that if work is not set by your teacher it may be because they themselves may be affected by this illness, so please use any lessons to catch-up or consolidate previous work, until the subject leader contacts students with cover work for that period of teacher illness.
7. Teachers may send home Power Points for lessons to give you new/existing knowledge or longer project based work.
8. Teachers may ask students to partake in a live interactive lesson via MS Teams. We are planning for this to take place during students normal timetabled lesson. The lesson will be recorded should students miss it and will be available via MS Teams.

Show My Homework User Guide

Microsoft Teams User Guide

COVID-19 – Lockdown Self Help Guide

Immersive Reader Guide

Please note that whilst using online portals, normal safeguarding regulations and protocols translate naturally into the virtual environment. Students and teachers should avoid engaging in informal or unnecessary personal conversations. Any safeguarding concerns that arise in the digital realm should be referred to Mr Chauhan as the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
As mentioned, these are unprecedented times and it is important that as a school community we all pull together to help and support each other. Please try to support friends and fellow students in the event of a longer school closure. They may be feeling isolated when families are self-isolating.

Above all, try to keep safe and well. Keep up with studies, learn new ways to research and keep to daily school routine in place as much as possible. It is also vitally important to eat well and keep up with regular exercise. The importance of exercise can never be under-estimated; it beats stress, combats anxiety and strengthens your immune system. More importantly make sure students get at least 8 hours of sleep!

Should students feel anxious or the need to talk to someone the following agencies on our Mental Health & Wellbeing information may help.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Information

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