Physical Education Year 12 & 13

Year 12 & 13 Physical Educaiton - Module Overview
  • Physiological Factors Affecting Performance

    This group of topics focuses on key systems of the human body involved in movement and physical activity.

  • Psychological Factors Affecting Performance

    This component focuses on the psychological factors affecting physical activities and sports, including: models and theories that affect learning and performance in physical activities; how different methods of training and feedback work and why their effectiveness differs from person to person; group dynamics and the effects of leadership and stress on performers.

  • Socio-cultural and Contemporary Issues

    This component focuses on the sociological and contemporary factors that influence and affect physical activity and sport for both the audience and the performer and how sport affects society. It includes the emergence and evolution of modern sport and how social and cultural factors shaped the characteristics of sports and pastimes in pre-industrial and post-industrial Britain. The impact of the modern Olympic Games and the impact on society of hosting global sporting events will be explored along with the ever-evolving modern technology and its influence on sport. 

  • Performance within Physical Education

    This component is split into two parts. 

    Part 1: Performance or coaching of a sport or activity from the approved DfE list.
    Part 2: The Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement (EAPI) of a sport or activity from the approved DfE list.

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