BTEC Dance Overview

Head of Subject: Mrs G. Evetts

This course is designed to stimulate and develop an appreciation and enjoyment of Dance. It is suitable for all students who have skills in Dance or a genuine enthusiasm for the subject. Students will be actively involved in the three core areas of choreography, performance and appreciation. A range of Dance styles are covered during the course in order to improve students’ technical and interpretive skills. They will notice a significant increase in their confidence when performing. In addition to the development of their teamwork and creative thinking skills, they will also develop an appreciation of how Dance pieces are made, the practitioners that contribute to performance and their responsibilities during the choreography process.

  • Year 10 & 11 Dance Overview

    The award gives students the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The main focus over the course are on four equal areas which cover:

    -Development of key skills that prove a student’s ability in Performing Arts such as reproducing repertoire or responding to a stimuli.

    -Processes that underpin effective ways of working in the Performing Arts, such as developing ideas, rehearsals and performance.

    -Attitudes that are considered most important in the Performing Arts, including personal management, organisation and communication.

    -Knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, processes and attitudes in the sector such as roles, responsibilities, performance disciplines and styles.

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