Head of Subject: Mrs C. Simmonds

Do you always watch, read, or listen to true crime? Do you wonder why an individual may turn to crime? Have you ever wondered…is someone just ‘evil’? Are you interested in how we punish and help offenders? If you have asked yourself these questions, then you should study Criminology! This has 4 units and is modular in structure which means you will be assessed at the end of each unit.

  • Criminology Year 12

    This is a modular course, which means you are formally assessed at the end of each unit. This is different to other A-levels where you are assessed at the end of your second year.

    Once you have completed your year 12 units, you will receive a Certificate grade from the examination board in August because you have completed 50% of the course (via the 2 year 12 units listed below).

  • Criminology Year 13

    You will then progress into year 13 where you will then complete the 2 final units. Once you have completed all 4 units, you will then receive your Diploma grade.

    This diploma is graded A*- E and holds the same UCAS points as all other level 3 courses so progression into university is the typical next step.


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