Design Technology Overview

Head of Subject: Mr T. Hancock

Our creative studies offer, which is core to our ethos, encompasses Art, Design and Technology and Drama. These subjects offer invaluable opportunities to develop the skills of self-expression through the creation of artefacts and performance. Not only of great worth in their own right, these skills transfer well to other facets of human life. Students learn organisational and planning skills and most importantly, confidence in their own decision making and capacity to develop and present their own ideas and concepts.

Our creative subjects occupy around one fifth of the lower school curriculum. The Faculty offers GCSEs in Art, Art Textiles, Drama, Food and Nutrition and Design and Technology. At Advanced Level the comprehensive offer incudes Advanced Level Art, Art Textiles, Drama, Design and Technology, Film Studies and Photography.

  • Design Technology Year 7 Overview

    The Key Stage 3 curriculum is specially designed to give our students a broad and balanced experience and prepare them for the rigors of our GCSE course. In Year 7 students are offered experiences in a wide range of materials and techniques, including Computer Aided Design, Graphic Design, working with various materials including woods, metals and plastics to create three dimensional products. Students are split into mixed ability groups and attend lessons on a rotation system shared with Food Technology.  

    We ask parents for a small cash contribution at the start of year 7 which pays for student’s folders, books, materials and all practical work for years 7 and 8. At the end of each project, students will be able to take their work home and use them in the manner that was intended.

  • Design Technology Year 8 Overview

    Currently being updated

  • Design Technology Year 9 Overview

    Currently being updated

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