Drama Overview

Head of Subject: Mr A. Mudge

Our creative studies offer, which is core to our ethos, encompasses Art, Design and Technology and Drama. These subjects offer invaluable opportunities to develop the skills of self-expression through the creation of artefacts and performance. Not only of great worth in their own right, these skills transfer well to other facets of human life. Students learn organisational and planning skills and most importantly, confidence in their own decision making and capacity to develop and present their own ideas and concepts.

Our creative subjects occupy around one fifth of the lower school curriculum. The Faculty offers GCSEs in Art, Art Textiles, Drama, Food and Nutrition and Design and Technology. At Advanced Level the comprehensive offer incudes Advanced Level Art, Art Textiles, Drama, Design and Technology, Film Studies and Photography.

  • Drama Year 7 Overview

    Drama builds teamwork and co-operation in group based performance work. The units focus on sustaining a concept from a stimulus and documenting the creative thinking. We explore different genres and styles; learning to devise and interpret script. There is written evaluation and on going analysis. We particularly endeavour to engage the students to use their imagination and take part in play based skills workshops. Our units include Harry Potter, Ceville Animation Voices, Macbeth, Space Improvisation, War of the Worlds and Contemporary Script. We run a lunchtime drama club and have whole school productions. We believe drama has essential transferable skills for the future.

  • Drama Year 8 Overview

    Currently being updated

  • Drama Year 9 Overview

    Currently being updated

  • Drama Year 12 & 13 Overview

    Theatre Studies is an an academic, collaborative and creatively challenging subject that prepares you not only for the Arts Industries but all areas of further study. ‘Arts contributes £8.5bn to the UK economy. More than double that of the Premier League’ (Arts Council Great Britain). You will participate in intensive practical performance projects which include devising and performance of an excerpt of a play. You will be responsible for taking a theatre piece from genesis to performance with a real focus on the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of process. You will study all areas of Theatre; directing, writing, performing and production. The course requires live theatre visits and the study of two play texts, currently ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Our Country’s Good’ to prepare for the written exam. We encourage blogging, journal writing and the documenting of process and rehearsals. You will develop skills in collaboration, project management, research and written and visual narrative by documenting and developing a piece of original theatre. You will learn how to interpret theatre and develop acting skills from professionally trained actors in various styles. You will study theatre practitioners and develop analytical writing skills citing performance evidence.

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