English Literature Year 12 & 13

Year 12 & Year 13 English Literature Course Modules
  • Component 1: Love Through the Ages (Shakespeare, Poetry and Prose)

    Students study:

    Love Through the Ages: An Anthology of poetry produced by the examination board. We study the pre-1900 section.

    One Shakespeare text from a prescribed list.

    One post-1900 novel from a prescribed list.

    The exam also contains a comparison of 2 unseen poems.

    40% of total marks


  • Component 2: Modern Texts or World War One and Its Aftermath

    Students study:

    One novel from a prescribed list

    One poetry text from a prescribed list

    One drama text from a prescribed list

    One of these three texts must be written 2000 or later.

    The exam also contains an analysis of an unseen non-fiction text related to the chosen theme.

    40% of total marks

  • Coursework: Independent Critical Study

    Students choose a topic (free choice), approved by AQA

    Students study 2 texts (free choice of quality fiction, but cannot be texts named elsewhere on the specification and one must be written pre-1900), approved by AQA.

    Students write a 2500 word essay comparing their chosen texts in the light of their chosen topic.

    Teacher assessed, externally moderated.

    20% of total marks.

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