English Year 7, 8, 9

Year 7 English Course Modules

Year 8 English Course Modules

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 8 Viewpoints and Perspectives: Being Persuasive

    Skills for Writing: Dragon’s Den.

    Typical assessment: write a pitch, to the 5 Dragons, informing them of one of the new products you have designed.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 8 Author Study

    Students will study one of the following novels: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas , Diary of Anne Frank, Holes, Refugee Boy, Face, Stone Cold or Whispers in the Graveyard

    Typical assessment: Read to Chapter 18 and investigate how Stanley is adapting to life at the camp. How is his personality changing and developing as the novel progresses? What methods does Sachar use to demonstrate these changes?

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 8 Writer’s Cauldron – Short Stories

    Creative Reading and Writing – focus on exploring how stories are structured.

    Typical assessment: Imagine a story which begins and ends with a woman locking her front door. The writer only reveals to the reader why she is doing this (and why it is significant) at the end of the story.

    Create a story of your own which is structured in this way. You could use the idea of the woman locking her door, or you might use one of your own.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 8 Shakespeare

    Study of key themes from Much Ado About Nothing or Hamlet

    Typical assessment: Explore the way that Shakespeare presents Benedick’s attitude towards women and marriage in Much Ado About Nothing.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 8 Viewpoints and Perspectives

    Gutsy Girl

    Typical assessment: Choose your favourite section of Gutsy Girl. Using this as a model, create a new section for a book aimed specifically at a male audience.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 8 Pre 20th Century Literature – Gothic

    Creative Reading and Writing – developing understanding of pre-20th century prose fiction.

    Typical assessment: Having studied the description of Lockwood’s nightmare in Wuthering Heights, write your own description of a nightmare.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 8 Multi-cultural poetry

    Creative Reading and Writing

    Typical assessment: Compare how two of the poets you have studied present ideas about their culture in the poems you have read.

Year 9 English Course Modules

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 9 Utopia & Dystopia

    Creative Reading and Writing

    Focus on language and structure

    Typical assessment: Create your own dystopian story.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 9 Scott of the Antarctic

    Viewpoints and Perspectives

    Focus on comparing both fiction and non-fiction texts.

    Typical assessment: Compare the language used to describe challenging events in Scott’s diary with the description of similar events in the novel, White Darkness – how and why do they differ?

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 9 Modern Author Study

    Either: Of Mice and Men or A View From The Bridge.

    Typical assessment: Does Steinbeck condemn Curley’s wife or does he sympathise with her? Present your viewpoint.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 9 Pre 20th Century Literature - Adventure

    Creative Reading and Writing

    Extending understanding of Pre 20th Century Literature

    Typical assessment: Having studied the description of Dante’s escape from the Chateau d’If, write your own account of an escape from danger.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 9 Love and Relationships: Poetry

    Creative Reading and Writing

    Focus on building comparisons between poems.

    Typical assessment: Choose two of the poems you have studied and compare how the poets have presented their attitudes towards relationships between parents and their children.

  • AQA 8700 & 8702: Year 9 Shakespeare


    Typical assessment: Is Iago to blame for the tragic events in Othello? Carefully explain your point of view and consider how Shakespeare presents Iago to the audience.

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