Food Year 7, 8, 9

Year 7 Food

  • Safety in the Food Room

    Using the room and equipment safely and being aware of hazards in order to be able to learn new practical skills enabling students to make a variety of dishes.

  • Healthy Eating

    Looking at the Eatwell guide and other Government guidelines to allow students to make healthy food choices.

  • Food Miles and Sustainability

    Finding out where we get our food from. Reducing food miles and what we can do to reduce our impact on the planet.

  • Typical dishes cooked
    • Fruit Salad
    • Pasta Salad
    • Flapjack cookies
    • Wedges and Dips
    • Apple Cakes

Year 8 Food

  • Nutrients

    Looking at Macronutrients and Micronutrients, sources and functions, linking to a healthy diet.

  • Food Safety

    Food contamination, cross contamination. Risks and prevention. Safe food storage and handling of high-risk foods.

  • Food product Design

    Designing components of a product to match a design specification.

  • Typical dishes cooked
    • Scone ring
    • Chicken or vegetarian Nuggets
    • Fruit Crumble
    • Muffins
    • Pizza – Design Task

Year 9 Food

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