Geography Year 12 & 13

Year 12 & 13 Geography Course Modules
  • OCR: Year 12 & 13 Coastal Landscape Systems

    Learners will explore how the landscape can be viewed as systems, how landforms developed within their chosen landscape and the influences of both climate and human activity on this.

  • OCR: Year 12 & 13 Earth’s Life Support Systems

    A look at how water and carbon are cycled between the land, oceans and atmosphere in open and closed systems, the processes within these cycles are inter-related.  In depth studies of the Tropical Rainforest and the Arctic tundra.

  • OCR: Year 12 & 13 Changing Spaces, Making Places

    Learners look at both local and global places, and explore the relationships and connections between people, the economy, and society and how these contribute to creating places.

  • OCR: Year 12 & 13 Global Connections

    Students will explore the issues surrounding human rights and migration.

  • OCR: Year 12 & 13 Disease Dilemmas

    Students will examine the impacts of disease at a variety of scales.

  • OCR: Year 12 & 13 Hazardous Earth

    Students will consider the causes, impacts and mitigation of tectonic hazards in a variety of global environments.

  • OCR: Year 12 & 13 Independent Investigation

    This unit allows learners to undertake an  investigation linked to any aspect of the specification to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. This component is designed to encourage learners to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their chosen topic whilst developing a number of geographical and study skills relevant to Higher Education or within the world of work.

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