Geography Year 7, 8, 9

Year 7 Geography Course Modules

  • Year 7 Introduction to Maps and Geographical Skills

    An introductory topic where students examine the World’s continents.  They have an in depth look at Europe, and develop their skills, including grid references and scale.

  • Year 7 Coasts

    Students study geomorphic processes, the formation of landforms and consider the challenges of coastal management.

  • Year 7 Population and Urbanisation

    Students learn about global population growth.  We examine the reasons for this growth, and compare the differences in growth rate between AC’s and LIDC’s.

  • Year 7 Glaciation

    An introduction to the formation of glaciers, and the landforms that they create.

  • Year 7 Local Fieldwork

    A local study of Bewdley.  Students will gather data, present it and analyse their findings.

Year 8 Geography Course Modules

  • Year 8 World Biomes and Tropical Rainforests

    Students locate the world’s major biomes, and learn about their characteristics.  They have an in depth look at the structure of the rainforests, before examining the issues surrounding the protection of these valuable ecosystems.


  • Year 8 Rocks and Geological Timescales

    Students study the rock cycle, and the characteristics of rocks.  They get the opportunity to learn about early Earth, and tectonic movements.

  • Year 8 China

    Students learn about the rapid changes taking place in China in terms of its economic, social and political development.  They also examine China in the wider context, and its place in Asia and the world.

  • Year 8 Weather and Climate

    A look at the basics of weather, including air masses, rainfall and pressure systems.  We focus on extreme weather events such as tropical storms and drought.

  • Year 8 Development in Africa

    Students look at the concept of development, and examine the development of several countries.  They then focus on development in Africa, and examine the issues that a lack of economic development can cause.

Year 9 Geography Course Modules

  • Year 9 River Process and Landforms

    Students consolidate their previous learning of geomorphic process within the context of rivers.  They will be able to explain how landforms are created, and the impacts of flood events.

  • Year 9 Amazing Places

    Students get to examine the unusual characteristics of a range of global locations such as Yellowstone National Park, Dubai and North Korea.

  • Year 9 Natural Resources

    Students study energy distribution and use around the world.  They learn about the natural resources of the Middle East and Russia.  We look at the local, and global, environmental impacts of high energy consumption.

  • GCSE OCR A: Year 9 UK Environmental Challenges

    After Options – GCSE Starts

    A look at air masses that affect the UK, and the impact of extreme weather events.  Students also look at energy use in the UK, the changing demands and debate the options for the UK’s energy supply in the future.

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