History Year 7, 8, 9

Year 7 History Course Modules

  • National Curriculum: Year 7 Tollund Man investigation

    Introduction into historical skills using inference and perception, examining a variety of sources from pictures, science reports and a variety or primary and secondary sources.

  • National Curriculum: Year 7 The Roman Empire

    Historical investigations into the Empire, the Roman Army, Uniform, Tactics.  Lessons and homework formulate the basis for their first assessment.

    Assessment:  A structured essay built from skills and content from class and homework – Why was the Roman Army so Successful?

  • National Curriculum: Year 7 Roman Life.

    Historical investigation into the Roman baths, food, entertainment, the significance of the Roman Emperors.

    Assessment: A balanced essay on How civilised were the Romans?

  • National Curriculum: Year 7 The Norman Invasion

    Historical investigation into the contenders for the throne and the battle of Hastings.  Students to hold a Hastings Hustings.

    Assessment:  Factors essay on – Why did the English lose the battle of Hastings?

  • National Curriculum: Year 7 Norman Conquest.

    Investigation into how the Normans controlled England and the Norman impact on English;

    Domesday book, Harrying of the North.

    Assessment: Essay –  “Life got better under the Normans”  how far do you agree?

  • National Curriculum: Year 7 Medieval life

    Impact of the black death, the peasants revolt.  Study of the historic environment – investigation into the form and function of Kenilworth castle.

    Assessment:  Source work investigation into the causes and consequences of the Peasants’ revolt.

Year 8 History Course Modules

Year 9 History Course Modules

  • National Curriculum: Year 9 WW1

    Historical investigation into the short and long term causes of WW1.  Life in the trenches and end of the war. Treaty of Versailles and its impact.

    Assessment:  Explain why WW1 broke out in 1914

  • National Curriculum: Year 9 Rise of the Nazis and causes of WW2

    Historical investigation into the rise of Hitler and the Nazis examining how Germany changed from a democracy to dictatorship; covering events such as the Munich putsch, the enabling act, and the Reichstag fire.  Hitler’s foreign policy and the dismantling of the Versailles treaty, Hitler’s steps to war and appeasement

    Assessment: KS3 test

    Plus assessment on  Was the Policy of Appeasement a mistake?

  • National Curriculum: Year 9 The Holocaust

    Historical investigation into the causes and impact of the holocaust.  Some content covered includes Pre-war Jewish life, persecution and Kristallnacht, moral dilemmas, choices and responses.

    As part of our continuing support for teaching the Holocaust we will be showing the upsetting film “Schindler’s List” .  This is rated as a 15 but is considered an extremely educational and valuable teaching tool.  As a department, we believe that it has never been more important to teach this History, especially when recent statistics come to light, such as the one on the Holocaust Memorial Day in 2019 which stated that 1/20 people do not believe that the Holocaust ever took place and many grossly underestimate the devastation and implications of this event.


    The History team always ensure that students are asked if they want to opt out at the start of each lesson, and are given warnings over when specific graphic violence occurs so they can look away.   The whole film is handled very delicately and in a manner which has been approved by the Holocaust Educational Trust; staff have been on training courses and have trained others in the teaching of this highly sensitive and increasingly important historical event.  It is never left for cover teachers who do not necessarily know the film.  The resources that have been used in lessons have been provided by the Holocaust Educational Trust  and  have  been adapted by ourselves.

    As a department the history team would highly welcome discussions between yourselves and your son/daughter about the severity of the Holocaust across Europe, which saw between 6 – 9 million Jewish, handicapped people, homesexuals, political opponents and gypsies mass persecuted and exterminated.  At a time when the world is full of hate and persecution the teaching of this sensitive and relevant topic has never been so important.

    We will be issuing a letter prior to the viewing of the film where you will have the opportunity for son/ daughter to opt out of watching the film.

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