Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics Year 11

Year 11 Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics Course Modules

  • Year 11 Number

    This takes the GCSE topic of Number and develops it further, particularly regarding Surds.

  • Year 11 Algebra

    As well as extending the GCSE algebra, Limiting Sequences, and the Factor Theorem are introduced as new topics to study.

  • Year 11 Geometry

    The added content involves Circle Geometry where the circle in not centred on the origin.

  • Year 11 Calculus

    This module introduces Differential Calculus and concentrates on finding and using the gradients and turning points of functions.

  • Year 11 Matrices

    This is the second of two new topics to be taught for the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics and introduces 2 x 2 matrices, how they can be multiplied and used in matrix transformations.

  • Year 11 Trigonometry

    The additional content is mainly concerned with Trigonometric Identities and Proof.

  • Year 11 Functions

    Functions are used as a tool to solve problems.  Piecewise functions are introduced.

  • Year 11 Graphs

    This module builds on the GCSE work as well as pulling together various aspects of the Level 2 course.  In particular we look at solving trigonometric equations with solutions in more than one quadrant.

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