Music Technology Year 12 & 13

Year 12 & 13 Edexcel Music Technology Course Modules
  • Recording

    Arrange, record, mix and master a recording – You choose one song from a list of 10 that Pearson provide. This list includes songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran, Green Day, Madonna, The Doors, Rolling Stones, R.E.M, Stereophonics, Beyoncé, Madness, Deep Purple, No Doubt and more!

  • Technology-based composition

    You will be composing based on a stimulus from Pearson. This stimulus can be vocal samples, a poem, a video or a certain topic. You will be assessed on your sound design which includes synthesis, sampling/audio manipulation, creative effects, automation and real-time control. You can use MIDI and/or live recorded audio for this task.

  • Exams

    1. Listening & analysing (25%): This exam is 1 hour 30 minutes and has two sections. Section A has 4 questions based on popular music recordings. Section B is an extended written response comparing two different songs or styles.
    2. Producing & analysing (35%): This exam has 5 questions, 4 of these questions are practical and require you to fix an audio or midi file, then create a mix at the end. The final question will be a written response to a signal process, effect or music technology hardware unit.

RSL Qualification Course Modules

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