Music Year 10 & 11

Year 10 - Music Course Modules

  • Set Work: Since You Been Gone (AOS4)

    Area of Study 4 (Popular Music)
    Set Work: Since You Been Gone (Ballard / Rainbow 1979)
    Performing this set work / reading form notation and lead sheets.
    Terms, Scales, Keys and Chords.
    Simple analysis and music theory.
    Structured listening.

  • Term 2: Forms and Devices

    Area of Study 1 (Forms and Devices)
    Set Work: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart 1787)
    Form and analysis.
    Simple compositions in set forms.
    What makes a good melody?
    Developing ideas and getting them written down.
    Structured listening.

  • Term 3: Music for Film

    Area of Study 3: Music for Film
    Examining how musical devices and elements are used to create specific moods / images.
    Compositional project to create a short piece in response to a set brief.
    Structured listening.

Year 11 - Music Course Modules

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