Photography Overview

Head of Faculty: Mrs F. Wilmot

Our creative studies offer, which is core to our ethos, includes Art, Textiles and Photography. These subjects offer invaluable opportunities to develop the skills of self-expression through the creation of artefacts. Not only of great worth in their own right, these skills transfer well to other facets of human life. Students learn organisational and planning skills and most importantly, confidence in their own decision making and capacity to develop and present their own ideas and concepts.

In addition to these creative subjects, the faculty also includes the Enterprise subjects Business Studies, Creative iMedia, Computer Science and Mathematics.  These subjects allow the student to investigate the world of Business, including examining the methodology of setting up a new business including budgeting and financial statements, whereas Creative iMedia shows students that digital design and learning play an important role in all aspects of business and industry and develops links with Art in website and graphic design as well as photo manipulation.  Computer Science teaches the skills of writing computer programs using coding and  how to problem solve computer coding issues and Mathematics permeates and underpins all aspects of the above subjects as well as introducing the beauty and logic of the subject itself.

The Faculty offers GCSEs in Art, Art Textiles, Business Studies, Computer Science and Mathematics with Creative iMedia offered as a Cambridge National Level 1 or 2. There is also the opportunity to study the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics for those students in Set 1 for GCSE Mathematics.  The Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics not only further develops the understanding of the GCSE curriculum but is also a good preparation for those considering taking A Level Mathematics. At Advanced Level the comprehensive offer incudes Advanced Level Fine Art, Computer Science, Business Studies, Mathematics, Photography and Textile Design.  In addition, we offer Creative iMedia at Cambridge National Level 3 and an AS in Further Mathematics.

  • Year 12 A Level Photography Overview

    During our A Level Photography course students will  develop independent thematic projects based around a variety of starting points such as Sanctuary, Environments, The Self, Abstract and Conceptual Art and Still Life. Students develop themes that interest them and allow for sustained focus.

    At A Level Students begin with a series of workshops in order to develop a practical and conceptual understanding of the camera.  They will then develop independent portfolios of work working through the creative process from Records of Observation (PHOTO SHOOTS), ARTIST RESEARCH, EXPERIMENTATION, IDEA DEVELOPMENT and DESIGNING to the creation of a FINAL OUTCOME.

  • Year 13 A Level Photography Overview

    During the Autumn term of year 13 learners conclude their extended personal investigations and related studies. They focus on consolidating portfolios and designing meaningful and emotive final outcomes.  This project makes up 60% of their overall grade.

    In the February of Year 13 learners begin an Externally Set Task. This is a project set by the exam board that culminates in a 15-hour exam. This exam project makes up 40% of their overall grade.

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