Politics Overview

Head of Subject: Mrs Howard

A Level Politics will provide you with an understanding of how the UK is governed, UK and US current affairs and political ideologies.

  • UK Government and Politics

    Paper 1 looks at the government and politics of the UK, including the nature of the constitution, the role of power of parliament and the judiciary. In addition, we also look at the politics of the UK. This covers current political issues, pressure groups, participation in politics and how political parties work. This is assessed by exam.

  • Government and Politics of the USA and Comparative Politics

    This paper looks at the how the US is governed and compares this to the UK, including the three branches of government, political parties and the democratic process. Civil rights and pressure groups are also compared and contrasted. This is assessed by exam.

  • Political Ideas

    Three core political ideas are studied in detail: Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism. Feminism is also studied in depth. For each of the ideologies, their core thinkers and ideas are investigated. This is assessed by exam.

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